Skin Care Products


Our Company started OEM/ODM services in Malaysia since year 2021 with the intention of bringing in high quality and effective imported products and formulations from Taiwan to serve our local and SEA Region market.


Our mission and philosophy are to blend the best of nature with science to offer and deliver the most advance and effective skin care manufactured through the process of Bio Technology.

R & D Experience

We have comprehensive R&D experience and provide optimal communication channels

we have comprehensive R&D experience and provide optimal communication channels through a professional service team. Additionally, we also provides OEM and ODM services, with Liposome Technology improves encapsulation efficiency and patented spheroidization extends activity. Lyophilization at -40°C provides effective containment of active substances.In-lab fermentation creates value with matrix materials. Extracts are fermented throughdistillation, ultrasound and lyophilization, to manufacture into cosmetic and care products.

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Features of Development Lab :

The lab conducts researches with common materials as substrates, which are granted with greater application and economic value with fermentation technique.

The extracts are subject to distillation, ultrasound sieving and lyophilization (freeze drying) to provide for fermentation process, or as natural extracts for cosmetic or care products.

Quality control starts at the source, raw materials, and helps realize the global integration of local agricultural technology.